NSS has partnered with Alert Logic to bring our customers new levels of security and compliance.  We have created four levels of internal and external security monitoring, all feature industry standard electronic monitoring of your network, with NEW LEVELS of automatic reporting and compliance.

Most importantly, we will work with you to choose and combine services and customize the service level that best meets your requirements and budget.  Plus, you can always upgrade service levels in the future at no penalty.  Here is a breakdown of the services:

Intrusion Detection & Vulnerability Scanning:

NSS Alert Logic Threat Manager

NSS Alert Logic Threat Manager automatically identifies malicious behavior and questionable network patterns originating both inside and outside of your network.  With NSS Alert Logic Threat Manager, you get:

•    Unlimited Internal Vulnerability Scans
•    Unlimited External Vulnerability Scans
•    Real-Time Network Intrusion Alerting

NSS Alert Logic Threat Manager with Active Watch

NSS Alert Logic  ActiveWatch complements our Threat Manager offering.  This service provides 24×7 monitoring through expert analysis and insight on real-time threat alerts by a team of certified security analysts.

•    Satisfies compliance requirements for 24×7 monitoring
•    Delivers an additional layer of intrusion detection analysis and incident response
•    24×7 incident remediation assistance

Log Monitoring and Tracking:

NSS Alert Logic Log Manager

NSS Alert Logic Log Manager provides agentless collection, storage, reporting and correlation of log data as specified in regulatory compliance mandates.  With NSS Alert Logic Log Manager, you get:

•    Real-time collection of log data
•    One- year log data retention
•    Custom compliance reporting

NSS Alert Logic Log Manager with LogReview

NSS Alert Logic LogReview is a complementary service to Log Manager and provides daily event log monitoring and review, by certified security analysts.  Including LogReview enables you to:

•    Satisfy compliance requirements for daily log review
•    Eliminate costly and timely burden of auditing logs
•    Produce on-demand compliance reports to satisfy auditors

With Alert Logic’s monitoring team providing GLBA + levels of security and compliance, coupled with NSS providing the setup, your bank is assured a level of services that will be: