NETSCAN Vulnerability Scan

NETSCAN tests your network and identifies potential security issues on an ongoing basis with vulnerability scanning.

NETSCAN finds any weak points used to penetrate your network and provides detailed instructions to close up the holes. NETSCAN is the first line of defense, giving you “early warning” and ample time to shut off threats before they become an issue.

NETSCAN can be run externally to test your network’s Internet facing IP addresses, or internally to test your network inside the firewall.

We recommend running NETSCAN monthly. With over 20,000 potential vulnerabilities and dozens added every week, the regularly scheduled scans give you the assurance that past problems have been fixed; while reviewing the entire network for any new problems.

NETSCAN + brings you monthly external scans plus an annual Letter of Condition to your Board of Directors outlining the condition of your network.

All NSS NETSCANS include unlimited phone support.